What to do?

There are various activities to do here. We can help you to organize them.


There are various surf spots in West Sumbawa, like the famous Yoyo’s, Super-sucks, and many other.
The manager is a surfer, he will provide information but not on this website, we want to keep it secret as much as we can.

Naia Resort West Sumbawa


Our villas bungalows are in Pantai Tropical also known as “Kite Beach” so guests can do kitesurfing in front of the resort.
We also know other spots.

Naia Resort West Sumbawa
Naia Resort West Sumbaw

Hikes & Watefalls

We can organize hikes and trips to waterfalls.
Have lunch in the middle of the jungle and swim into naturals pools!

Naia Resort West Sumbawa
Naia Resort West Sumbawa